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Conscious Social Change Summer Institute, Portsmouth, NH

Join Global Grassroots founder and experiential educator, Gretchen Ki Steidle, on a journey of self-discovery and social innovation.  Learn how to turn your ideas for advancing social change into a viable solution and even your future career.  Explore the transformative power of mindfulness for yourself and its relevance to social change.  Over the course of eight days, build a detailed plan for the creation of your own social enterprise, invest deeply in your own well-being and learn skills for advancing social change more mindfully, effectively and sustainably.

Live and learn together in the restorative woodlands and seacoast area of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  This program is designed for university and graduate students or change practitioners eager to advance their own ideas.  For application and registration information, contact or call 603.359.0177.  Tuition: $2500. Application deadline June 1. Space limited.

“You have helped me find the courage to follow my path and provided a community in which I can share what I have learned.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class! It was the first time ever that I felt such a connection with my classmates in a short amount of time. As long as this course is offered I will continue to recommend it to other students.”

“Overall, this was absolutely one of my favorite classes of all time.”
“This course was incredible. I learned invaluable lessons about myself and conscious social change.”

“Gretchen, you changed my life, I feel so much more at peace...As someone who struggles with anxiety and meaning, this course has allowed me to see what I want to do in life...”

“Gretchen was great in enabling me to practice mindfulness with an eye towards conscious change. Her expertise as a social change agent and businessperson blended well to provide a holistic education that I needed.”