Those of us who are called to advance a more just society through transformation (within our existing institutions, communities or as creators of new solutions) also have a responsibility to create change while embodying the same principles of integrity and justice we hope to see in the world. This requires a level of mindfulness.  Mindfulness is defined as becoming aware of the present moment whatever it is, without judgment, yet with curiosity.   But something so simple as noticing whatever is happening can also have broad-reaching impact beyond the individual.  It allows us to understand ourselves and change from the inside out, build stronger relationships, respond more wisely instead of reacting, be guided by our own unique wisdom and insights, learn from and find meaning in our work, step into our leadership capacity and serve the needs around us responsively, creatively and compassionately.  

This toolkit is designed for wellness practitioners, social entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, community leaders, organizational managers, students and any individual who may be in the position to create change.  It will provide a detailed understanding of the principles, methods, strategies, phases of solution design and potential outcomes of Conscious Social Change, with step-by-step guides to help you incorporate CSC in your change endeavors as well as examples of how it has been used by others.  This guide will also provide you and your team over 50 mindfulness activities and frameworks for cultivating a greater level of self-awareness and collective understanding within your community and organization where change is to take place

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