Gretchen Steidle named to Inc. Top 100 Leadership Speakers for 2018 by Kevin Kruse

It can take many frustrating hours to find a leadership speaker that's just right for your next conference or executive retreat. Who can match your requirements around content, diversity, and fees?

I'm in a fairly unique position to curate this list of leadership speakers. I've interviewed over 180 authors and consultants for my LEADx Leadership podcast in the last year alone, read their books or articles, and watched dozens of them present in person as I've traveled the country doing my own keynotes on wholehearted leadership and employee engagement.

Any curated list reflects the bias of the curator and this one is no different. My selection criteria include the uniqueness of their ideas, and their ability to present their ideas in a compelling manner. I also tried for approximate gender parity, without actually having a fifty-fifty quota. I've intentionally left off big name speakers like John Maxwell and Tony Robbins because I'm pretty sure you already know about them.

I hope this list, presented in alphabetical order by last name, saves you time as you look for a top speaker with fresh leadership ideas: READ HERE