Tuck Business School at Dartmouth profiles Gretchen's Approach to Conscious Social Change

Seeing poverty at close quarters when her Navy family was billeted in the Philippines, Gretchen Steidle T’01 always felt she would spend her career working toward greater justice and equality. She just wasn’t sure how.

She started her career working for a boutique international investment and banking firm. The experience honed her business skills and reinforced her interest in the social impacts of the infrastructure projects she worked to fund. That spark took fire when she came to Tuck.

“At Tuck I discovered social entrepreneurship, which spoke to my fascination with new ideas and innovation and entrepreneurship, but from the perspective that you could also have a social impact,” says Steidle. She spent the summer between her first and second years at Tuck writing a strategic plan for a social engagement initiative at Tuck. It became the James M. Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship, the precursor to Tuck’s Center for Business, Government & Society.