Knowledge@Wharton | Mindfulness: Why Being Present Can Make You a Better Manager

EXCERPT:   ...We start with understanding change from the inside out as we employ mindfulness in seeing how we deal with change in our day-to-day environment, how we grasp at it. We desperately want success, or we want those improved metrics, but we also avoid it. We have trouble adapting to different environments.

When we see how we go through that process, we start to have a deeper level of understanding, empathy and compassion for those we are trying to change. This is critical in any sort of social impact work. First, it starts from that understanding of the human drivers of behavior. Then we work in different ways rather than getting too attached to our own agenda or our own solution. We are more inclined to listen and open up to the radical wisdom that comes from unexpected sources. We collaborate in ways that allow us to diagnose issues more comprehensively and completely. We then understand and hear all views and needs and values.

We discern collaboratively what is really going to work and be most effective, rather than create blame or use division to say they need to change their problem. We work in a way that is more comprehensive and collective in coming to a common vision, and the interventions, business models and products we choose to address that particular issue. Mindfulness changes the way in which we go through the entire social innovation process. READ MORE