A series of five 3-month correspondence courses, conduced weekly by email. The series focuses on the personal transformation process for each individual through the Five Principles of Conscious Social Change, and involves an exploration of consciousness as embodied in social change work. Course fee: $200 for each of the five courses.  


In this series we examine our deepest intentions; learn practices that cultivate presence and compassion; identify cues in our day-to-day life that signal a need for self-care and reflection; and explore our unique contribution to the world as conscious leaders. We deepen our self-awareness and explore transformational practices that support awakening. As we do, we gather the tools to transform suffering, fear, anxiety, unconscious reactivity, and burn-out into a life of balance and meaning in alignment with our sense of purpose and in service to the common good. 

The series involves five 3-month courses and follows the path of the five principles of conscious social change:

  1. Cultivating Presence
  2. Becoming Whole
  3. Ensuring Balance
  4. Staying Attuned
  5. Leading from Within


This course involves dialogue within a circle of 6+ participants. Each course is conducted as a correspondence course over 3 months and takes the following form:

  • 1–2 books to read and discuss
  • Weekly growth exercises and journal entries
  • Daily practices that change weekly


“You have helped me find the courage to follow my path and provided a community in which I can share what I have learned.”
“I am grateful for Gretchen's wisdom and guidance and for the wonderful weekly practices that I believe are slowly beginning to create subtle, yet important changes in my life . . . this work has been extremely transformational for me and I am immensely grateful . . . I am now actively planning a life that involves being true to my essential self . . . I have such a sense of freedom and possibility.” 
“This journey gave me the tools and the skills to go inward, to know myself, to live from my full body-rather than a head walking around sending messages to body to do things like a robot.”
“The gift of the journey is that in a big way, you gave me myself . . .”
“. . . in the year or so that I've known you I feel I have made major strides in my self growth . . . One of the lessons that I've been picking up from you is to really learn how to listen in to my own inner wisdom.”