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May 9, 2018 @ The Maine Women's Conference | Mindfulness for Self and Social Impact

The purpose of the Maine Women's Conference is to draw women together to connect, educate, inspire, and empower one another to assume new and expanded roles in the workforce, our lives and communities.

Join Gretchen Ki Steidle's Workshop on Mindfulness for Self and Social Impact

The more leaders invest in their own wellbeing and self-awareness, the more capacity they have to understand others and create positive social impact with empathy, creativity and effectiveness. In this workshop, you will experience tools for mindfulness and wellbeing, explore a new inner-driven leadership philosophy, and discover practical tools to create social change more effectively and with meaning. Participants will learn the science and applications of mindfulness not only to benefit the self, but as a radical new design methodology to address underlying social issues with solutions that embrace collaboration, compassion and creativity for long-term, sustainable transformation. These tools are critical, especially in today’s political climate, if we want to lead more effectively, foster collaboration and advance the wellbeing of all people.


  • Personal practices for self-awareness, balance and mindfulness
  • A system of inner-driven, inspired leadership skills
  • Tools for engaging stakeholders, and understanding and facilitating change in others with compassion
  • Building effective and collaborative solutions